WORD CLOUD/TAG CLOUD is a novelty visual representation of text data, typically used to depict keyword metadata on websites, or to visualize free form text. Tags are usually single words, and the importance of each tag is shown with font size or color. By far, Powerviz offers the most advanced word cloud/Tag cloud visual for Power BI. This visual offers the features like shapes, Mask, Min Font, Max Font, Capitalize, Direction, Ranking, Ignoring special characters, Conditional Coloring, Split by, Excluding words and ignoring special characters
1. Choose/Bring your own Shape
Word cloud/Tag cloud by Powerviz offers the amazing feature to chose a shape or bring any shape of your choice. Any shape you can select
2. Mask (Background for Shape) selection
You can enable the Mask, a background for the shape. You can select the color of your choice and transparency as well.
3. Direction of Words
You can chose the direction of words how it should render.
4. Split Words By
You can split the words in the word cloud by selecting the special characters of your choice.
5. Excluded Words
Exclude words of your choice that you don’t want to render in the word cloud.
6. Ignore Special Characters
You can chose the special characters that you would like to ignore when rendering the words in the word cloud.
7. Conditional Formatting
It is possible to conditionally format the colors based on value
8. Control Number of Words (Ranking)
You can rank and control the number of words to show in the word cloud by Top N and Bottom N.
9. Words/Tags customization
There are many customizable options to control the rendering words including Font size and Gap between words.
Many other features that Powerviz Uniquely offers for visuals like Lasso, Number formatting and tooltips.