Supercharge your Power BI Dashboards with Powerviz visuals​

Bring the "wow" factor to your Power BI dashboards. Boost the user experience and drive more user adoption. Utilize our user-friendly, fully customizable, and supportable custom visuals.​

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Why Powerviz?

Fully customizable

Create high-quality modern visuals with pro features.​

Low code/No code​

Make your analysis easier using Powerviz visuals without any coding skills.​​

One Stop Solution Across Industries​

Dynamic visuals catered to offer solutions for various industries.​

Become A Data Visualization Expert​

With a simple UI, pre-built theme, and customizable color palettes, you can create stunning charts​.​

Key Features
Conditional Formatting

Easily apply conditional formatting to your visual without complex DAX. Customize the visual colors based on measures and categories.

Grid View

Get a summary table of your visual with the Grid View feature. Easily filter and pivot data in the table view.


Choose from a wide range of shapes provided by Powerviz Custom Visuals. Shape your visual by uploading images or using URLs for a visually appealing result.


Add text or comments to annotate your visual for enhanced context and explanation of trends or anomalies.

Color Palette

Create eye-catching reports with Powerviz custom visuals by selecting colors from a vast color palette. Includes color-blind safe options.

Lasso / Reverse Lasso

Select multiple data points with ease, using the Lasso and Reverse Lasso options. Useful for focusing on specific data sets or comparing multiple points.


Identify trends and patterns in your data with the Ranking feature. Select Top and Bottom N categories for visualization.


Instantly change the appearance of your visual with pre-defined themes or create your own unique themes to match your brand identity. Use import/export JSON for sharing.

Start using Powerviz visuals to redefine what is possible with Power BI.
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  • Easy to configure and use. No coding required.
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