The PowerViz Sunburst Chart is a fully dynamic visual. It is used to visualize a hierarchy-structured dataset through a series of concentric arcs, where each arc shows the part-to-whole proportion. PowerViz Sunburst let you to control shape, color, style, interactions, and more.
Chart Options
Variety of Chart Styles
PowerViz gives you flexibility to change the display style to any custom angle.
Data Colors
PowerViz offers multiple color schemes and more than 30 color palettes to choose from. For accessibility, there are also colorblind-safe palettes available.
One of the unique styling options that Sunburst offers is pattern. Use patterns to draw attention to or create a subtle effect on a category.
Apply uniform ranking on all the layers
PowerViz Sunburst ranking uses a unique method. The chosen ranking 'N' will apply to all the levels and their hierarchies without using any code.
Center Circle
Use a combination of text, measure, icon, and uploaded images to style the center area of the sunburst.
Sunburst lets you display the custom images on the outer circle for the child node.
Conditional Formatting
Easily detect outliers or patterns using conditional formatting. We provide conditional formatting based on value and text.
Zoom Option
Use the Zoom option to drill down into the visuals and investigate them in detail.
Get a 30-day free trial to try out this and many other visuals. With the pro license, you will have access to features such as lasso, number formatting, and summary table.