Linear Gauge

A Linear gauge is an advanced visual showcasing progress against targets on a linear scale. This four-in-one visual includes Cylindrical, bar in bar, Linear, and Thermometer gauge styles.

Display styles

Powerviz offers a range of gauge styles, allowing you to switch between four options: Linear, Bar in Bar, Cylinder, and Thermometer.


With PowerViz Linear Gauge, you have the option to select a target using a target field or set a custom target. Moreover, it provides flexibility in including different types of target markers and the option to display the target as a text label.​

Data colors

Powerviz offers multiple color schemes and more than 30 color palettes to choose from. For accessibility, there are also colorblind-safe palettes available.

Gauge Axis

Powerviz provides the flexibility to apply absolute or percentage number formatting on a gauge axis, along with the option to incorporate various styling elements.

Small Multiples​

Customize layout and formatting to compare multiple categories using small multiple easily.

Conditional Formatting

Easily detect outliers or patterns using conditional formatting. We provide conditional formatting based on value and text.


Filter out Top/Bottom N by each level. Either hide or show the remaining categories as "Others" when a small multiple is enabled.

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