What is Powerviz Library?
Powerviz Libraryis a set offeature-rich, interactive and powerful Custom Visuals built for Power BI. PowervizVisuals adds more power to your dashboards.
Are the Powerviz Custom Visuals are certified?
We at Powerviz, will submit every visual for certification by Microsoft. If the visual is certified, you will see a “tick” mark next to them. All the rest of our visuals must be waiting in queue to get certified.
How to contact support?
If you are a licensed user, you can always reach out to support via support@powerviz.ai


What is powerviz license?
Powerviz license allows user to use all visuals and features Powerviz Library. All users that view or interact with the reports must have licensed visuals. Powervizdoes not differentiate between developers, admins and end users from a licensing point of view.
Do I have an option to buy just one visual?
No. Currently we are not offering an option to buy one visual. Since we already have placed our prices at the lowest in the industry, we believe the user will have the flexibility to use any visual of their choice from Powerviz Library.
Are powerviz visuals free in Power BI Desktop?
Yes. All our Powerviz visuals completely free for a single user when used with Power BI Desktop.
When will i get license key after purchasing Powerviz Library?
You will receive automated email with License Key immediately after the purchase. You can deploy them in Power BI as Organization Visuals.
Once I purchase License, will I Get New visuals/updates released to the Powerviz Library?
Yes. You will have access to all the latest visuals as part of Powerviz
Can Single User Purchase License?
Yes. Single user can purchase the license of Powerviz Library.
Can I Add More Users after I signed Up?
Yes, We can get you more licenses after you sign up. Your subscription will be charged pro-rata with the new invoice updated at the end of the month.
Does Powerviz Library work offline?
Yes. Powerviz Library is designed to work offline and behind the firewall.
How to Use the License key after purchased?
There are two ways to use the Powerviz Library after you Purchased. 1. You can download our pre-bundled Powerviz Library( This has build-in License Key for your organisation. You need to install this Library into Organizational Custom Visuals repository of your power BI tenant. This way all the users in the company will be able to use the licensed component and every Power BI report will automaticlly update the custom visuals as soon as they are updated in the Organizational Custom Visuals repository. 2. You can import our Powerviz visual from app source and then enter the license key.
Will I lose the reports that I have created with Free trial when I activate the PRO version of Powerviz?
No, you won’t lose any of your work. Going from a trial license to a paid license work seamlessly and is very simple. You only need to enter the new license key and save/republish the reports you have created so far and everything will work.


Do you send any data to third-party services?
No. We do not send or store any user data.
What is support looks like at Powerviz?
We have a dedicated support helpdesk to assist all the users with Powerviz Library.